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AboutAs young as 5 years old, I had this love and passion for art. My mother being an artist saw this love and enrolled me into private lessons at a very young age. It was her, who introduced me to formal training in the arts, even though we came from a very modest lifestyle. And it is because of my mother that Angie’s Art Box came in fruition.


Graduating with a BFA in painting, color theory and art therapy, it took my art to another level. Since then, I became a successful business owner for a wedding design company, which I serviced over 1000 events for 15 years. From there, I decided to get my certification in teaching and have been a teacher for grades k-8, in Science, yes, Science! I take my love of art and incorporate Science into my teachings. Being a teacher, I have always strived to helping children to achieve all that they deserve to become and not to be afraid to express themselves, in all art forms and genres.


The story behind Angie’s Art Box:

In the final years of my mother’s life, all she wanted to do was paint. Due to her debilitating condition and losing her sight, it became impossible. I tried to bring the art to her but she really yearned to be in a class environment. Upon her passing, I made a promise and commitment that I would open a studio and offer all art genres, if not in a formal setting, then bring the arts to them. This is where the idea of opening a studio was initiated.


Fast forward, I needed a name and a logo.... All that came in mind was me, as a young child, always trying to get into my mom’s art box. She would keep all of her things in pristine condition but I wanted to take them out and play! So, I decided to have an image of me coming out of my mother’s art box, making a mess but having her things in there as I remembered. The images of butterflies and leaves represent how we go through metamorphosis in life and how our changes bring us to be who we are.


Angie’s Art Box was born!


To bring everything together, the name, the logo and the concept, because of my love for children, I decided that for every event booked at Angie’s Art Box, an art box with fun and creative goodies will be donated to a local children’s hospital.


To contact us, please feel free to call us, stop by or email us. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and we look forward to hearing from you. We welcome ideas and feedback because we know your voice is what will help us to become the successful and fun place we have envisioned.


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Angie's Art Box

(973) 930-8331

 Hawthorne, NJ 07506


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